“Delightfully Deceptive,
Intriguingly Impossible,
Absolutely Amazing and
Wonderfully Whimsical...”

Countless children have laughed at Zappo's antics and wondered at his bafflements. Corporate audiences marvel at the production of a live rabbit from thin air. Dinner guests are captivated by the fantastic feats performed tableside right under their very noses. Zappo is equally comfortable before an audience of hundreds or an audience of one, performing stage, parlour or close-up miracles for spectators in the San Francisco Bay Area, Reno, Lake Tahoe and beyond.

Zappo can magically turn an ordinary event into a special occasion. His skillful blend of comedy and mystery confounds audiences of adults and children alike who are fortunate enough to see him perform. For private parties, corporate business meetings, company picnics, family events or other opportunities for celebration in the San Francisco Bay Area, please contact us.