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"Delightfully Deceptive, Intriguingly Impossible, Absolutely Amazing and Wonderfully Whimsical..."

That's how one newspaper summarized the magic of Zappo the Magician also known as Larry Wright. Countless children have laughed at Zappo's antics and wondered at his bafflements. Corporate audiences marvel at the production of a live rabbit from thin air. Dinner guests are captivated by the fantastic feats performed tableside right under their very noses. Zappo has a well-earned reputation as one of the best magicians performing stage, parlour or close-up miracles for spectators in the San Francisco Bay Area, Reno, Lake Tahoe and beyond..

Close-up Magic

Close-up magic is a special branch of the mysterious art. Zappo is a skilled practitioner of the art of close-up magic. Under the cover of amiable conversation, Zappo's sleight-of-hand artistry makes the impossible, astonishingly possible as he works small miracles with everyday objects. A signed playing card vanishes from the deck and inexplicably materializes inside a wallet nestled inside a second wallet openly retrieved from its resting place deep in an inside coat pocket. A legitimate United States dollar bill turns itself inside out with the four corners printed where the middle of the bill should be and the middle printed at the four corners! Coins change into other coins, right in the spectators' own hands, and they can't explain how it happened.!

Corporate Magic

In addition to superb close-up sleight-of-hand skills, Zappo can perform for larger audiences in either a parlor setting (up to 100 people) or on the stage for much larger crowds.

For larger venues, Zappo transforms members of the audience into magician's assistants. Using members of your group, Zappo provokes laughter and good, clean fun as he guides the audience through hilarious feats of mind reading, teleportation, disappearance, levitation and hocus pocus.

"I never embarass any spectator who is kind enough to volunteer to assist," says Zappo. "I believe corporate audiences enjoy the show more when it's people they know and work with who are providing the entertainment. I don't believe in cheap laughs. My goal is to have any volunteer who plays a role in my show, volunteer to help again the next time we meet."





Partial List of Corporate Clients
The Walt Disney Company
Apple Computers
IBM Computers
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
Meadowood Resort
The Westin St. Francis Hotel
San Francisco Hyatt Regency
San Francisco Marriott
The Miyako Hotel
Fairmont Hotels San Francisco and San Jose
Mark Hopkins Hotel
Concord Hilton
Hornblower Dining Yachts
California State Automobile Association
General Motors Corporation
Glaxo Wellcome
General Electric Medical Systems
Kodak Health Imaging
Kaiser Permanente
EBESCO Publishing
Oakland A's
Wells Fargo Bank
Bank of America
United Airlines
Pacific Gas and Electric
Pacific Bell
Charles Krug Winery
Clos Pegase Winery
Domaine Chandon
Silverado Country Club
Sequoyah Country Club
KCBS Radio
The San Francisco Chronicle

...and many others

Zappo can magically turn an ordinary event into a special occasion. His skillful blend of comedy and mystery confounds audiences of adults and children alike who are fortunate enough to see him perform. For private parties, corporate business meetings, company picnics, family events or other opportunities for celebration in the San Francisco Bay Area, e-mail Zappo at; or use the more traditional methods of communications below..

Zappo the Magician
Larry Wright
Concord, California

(925) 685-5129

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